Do you want to perform at BAMM??

CW Ayon of Las Cruces, NM is a local favorite. This man can sing the blues. Google him…you won’t be disappointed!


We’d love to hear your bands music or see what kind of entertainment you can provide! We’ve had fire dancers and circus acts, what else can we find? We start looking at bands in February and will make a decision in time to announce our rad line-up on April Fools! If you have some other talent and you’d like to share it with us…please do so!

It’s so easy to enter your bands name into the hat…please email us 3 things:
1) A press packet or a link to current music
2) How many band members will be playing the stage for BAMM
3) Your desired pay per hour. We generally start with hour sets during the day and as the night gets longer so do the sets.

Can’t wait to hear your jams!
Please note that we love to mix it up and keep it funky for our festival goers!